Martensitic Grades
AISI 420 - 1.4021
The index of martensitic steels with moderated carbon content is AISI 420 steel, which contains 13% chromium and 0.35% carbon in weight. The increase in carbon content and the temperature of the austenite leads to the formation of a M23C6 carbide in grain boundaries . These steels are used in cutting tools, surgery and dentistry, axes, valves, pumps, blades, and steam turbine parts and plastic injection molds.
AISI 440
The high carbon martensitic steels index is AISI 440 steel. High levels of chromium make them used in marine or seawater environments. High level of carbon Stabilizing austenite and lead to increase toughness, mechanical strength and abrasion. These steels are usually not welded. Common uses of these steels are: bearings, valleys and spray nozzles.
Duplex and Super Duplex Grades
Austenitic Grades
precipitation hardening Grades
Heat Resistant (Creep Resistant)